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Hopie Spitshard is a Raw Gem

I have to give it up to for bringing Sacramento another show to look forward to. This Friday one of my favorite female emcees will be visiting Sol Collective in promotion of her new album Raw Gems. Hopie Spitshard has been a favorite of mine for quite sometime. Hailing from San Francisco this little lady has … Continue reading

.:N-Pire x Nash x Everybody Hates Nash:.

As a young adult growing up in Sacramento it is apparent that our folks, parents, mentors and what have you, without a doubt rubbed a piece of their history, a piece of their soul onto us all. This goes without question that this cat from South Sacramento has used his talent with that special soul … Continue reading

Sacramento’s own: Mainetain

Sacramento has been this place of talent for many years and for many reasons. It has been my full pleasure to ensure I bring to CapCitySoul the best that we have in our area. Upon starting my site I have researched a lot of cats out here who have the capabilities to be of our greats … Continue reading


The city of Massillon, Ohio has birthed one of thee most incredible additions to Hip Hop, Kyle Myricks, aka Stallion, aka STALLEY. The last two years has become an incredible ride for this man signing with Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group and receiving a warm welcome from his first album, The Autobiography, telling of his … Continue reading

“I am a product of Big Daddy Kane"….Peta Parka

Man oh man, my CapCitySoul readers do I have a treat for you.  A man that has thus far been one of the most interesting interviews I have done in reference to his historywith music. The knowledge and wisdom he contains in the music game is ridiculously on point. From the day he entered this … Continue reading

Anthony Coleman II

Life gives you so many surprises. As the weekend of the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee came to its close this year a jazz musician by the name of Anthony Coleman decided to bless us with his musical presence at one of Capcitysoul’s monthly events.  After completing his last gig of the evening he has left an … Continue reading

The one and only: djriffraff!

Growing up in Sacramento and its music scene has left me with a great deal of respect for the craft of the DJ. I have studied dance for over twenty years and as I grew into adulthood I have attended many events where the skills of a DJ could keep me dancing all night long … Continue reading

FE in Sacramento, Stand Up!

The name Foreign Exchange could not be more proper for this musical duo. The two met via and began a friendship and musical affair, collaborating  ideas and meshing them into the perfect package. Phonte hailing from North Carolina and Nicolay from The Netherlands these two make a beautiful exchange that has hit highs world wide. … Continue reading


Sacramento I would like to present an artist that has been deep in the underground scene with a voice that means business and a head full of lyrical lines you have never heard from artists that are currently in the mainstream spotlight. His name should be that of a house hold one when talks about … Continue reading

Sacramento June Events

ARE YOU PICKING UP WHAT I AM PUTTING DOWN? June TO DOs and MUST SEEs…. 2nd Smoove Nights at Antigua Cantina & Grill 723 Kst.                 Hosted by B-Smoove. 18+ event Free Food and Drink Specials $5 cover before 10:30 $10 after 3rd Get Down with the Champion Sound at Capitol Garage, 15th street                 … Continue reading

Behind the booth…

I have wanted to shed some light on the DJ’s here in Sacramento for without them we would never have that wonderful escape on the dance floor, the sweat beading down our forehead from the body heat they produce inside of us. Our musical wonderland is created by the very tips of their fingers for … Continue reading

Sacramento, we have been blessed to have a wonderful team and leader helping keep universal sound alive. Rich Wing, co-owner of, is someone you need to thank when you see him out in the streets. I have been in contact with this busy man to bring you into the light of how this man … Continue reading

The Smugglers Tour: BAMBU

“When I see more liquor stores than libraries…..” After hearing this I shook my head because quite honestly this is fact. The Pro-People voice behind these words knows first hand how an environment can shape youth by negative influences wrecking the young minds and his name is BAMBU. This adolescent gang member ran around the … Continue reading

May Events

ARE YOU PICKING UP WHAT I AM PUTTING DOWN? MAY TO DOs and MUST SEEs…. 1st Raekwon LIVE @ Ace of Spades on Rst Corridor 7pm all ages.     The legendary crew member of Wu Tang Clan will bless the stage at Ace of Spades along with the opening acts of Sacramento favorites; Mean Doe … Continue reading

All C.I.T.Y.xC Plus

C Plus, hailing from the mighty north of Sacramento has dipped his saucy lyrics into all of our souls. This young cat is successfully holding Sacramento down along with the rest of our talent that has yet to be recognized and honored as they should be. Rep’n Sac on every track C Plus delivers pure … Continue reading

A note to readers

Hello readers and fellow soul lovers, Capital City Soul has begun its service to the Sacramento area by bringing you the undying love we have for music. Some of you may have a few favorites in this genre but we are here to represent the soulfully talented musicians, songwriters, producers and overall artists of Sacramento. … Continue reading

The Truth

I got the extreme pleasure of bringing you Sacramento, the man, the creator, master planner, Hip Hop enthusiast, mentor, and a very good friend of mine Mr. Roy Machado. Some of you might know him as Nino. I know him as successful, if you looked up the word in the dictionary a picture of him … Continue reading

Grimey Sacramento Style

Grimey pounding bass and drums so loud your granny can hear it while sweat drips down your face from entering this high energy bi weekly rendezvous. Ladies and Gentlemen this is the definition of attending a Grimey event in Sacramento. The Townhouse Lounge has been home to the Grimey goers and has packed the place … Continue reading

Sacramento’s Def Sonic

From the many stages in Sacramento Def Sonic gives you the lift your soul needs after a long week of work. Their video mixing, live instruments and energetic crowd involvement you are guaranteed to get up on the dance floor and shake off your worries. Def Sonic is a powerful duo which consists of two phenomenal entertainers, DJ … Continue reading

Sitting down with Styles 1001

Sitting down and talking with producer Styles 1001 gives me another reason why I still believe that the fuse of jazz/soul/hip hop will continue to grow deeper into our core and allow us to keep this music alive.  Being a huge fan of these genres I will honestly say that his skills and knowledge, in … Continue reading