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Defeye Fate x Dirty Energy


As most of you know this man right here is one of Sacramento most hard working, community driven, intelligent and turnt up king in the city of trees. If you have not heard the term “turnt up” let me break it down for you: (v) getting wild or excessively crazy. Typically used in the context of a party or – thee act of getting drunk and high to the highest degree – getting loose {whether that be just being wild or engaging in sexual activity} via the Urban Dictionary. I am not necessarily a fan of the “turnt up phase” for I lived wild in the “Get Crunk” times but this being gets it turnt all the way up and dog gone it Sacramento loves it.

Defeye Fate releases his newest single “Dirty Energy” filmed on location at one of his Friday night turnt up specials with the production and fellow turnt Dj Amp-One who have been getting down with the get down at Tropicana now currently every Friday at Coyote Tap House right here in downtown Sac. Now let me tell you that I am used to seeing and hearing Defeye on the deep emotional poetry open mic tip and was rather surprised to hear his verses on this track. “Just a quickie with a vixen then I am out/cuz I am all about running my route” “Who the F cares who you are/ superstar” then the massive production from Amp makes me wanna return to my crunk days and do ratchet things not to mention he has hot chick dancers on stage, the homie Themba in the crowd and bboys rocking makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Defeye is a linguistic beast. He always puts down for his city, supports the future of music but still loves the history of it all. If you haven’t heard any of his old tracks I suggest you get to it. Check em at:



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