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All the tools, words, expressions, visually and verbally in the world could never express how deep my love is for music. It’s almost a love story, a romance novel and sometimes exotic..but the emotions that I feel when i hear the drums , bass line, vocals, expression, loyalty to the craft love , struggle i am weak at the knees…

It started out on a warm October day, by a man that i was once in love with, he made music a reality…his devotion, love, strength, truth and perservernace was one of the many reason i fell deeply love with him. Watching him compose, spit, sacrifice with his undeible unconditonal love…i brokedown, my heart was willing to let hip hop take over it…

Here I am almost 20 years of digging the music scene, interviewing men and woman who make a difference in the scene. It is and always will be a movement. For that strength I could never give up on…

But what does it mean when you feel that hip hop failed you, yes there is the amazing and talented underground crew that stive to not be like mainstream, but the struggle is way tough, when or do you ever feel like it’s worth it or not worth it? Mainstream taking the life, breath and survial modes of music tucking it under they balls and walking around like they are something to be reckoned i agree with it? Do i feel like they worked hard or not worked hard? are they worthy to be in the catorgory of hip hop, especially when the new era has rebuilt the hip hop sound into a pop, bubblegum, top five account but should we make music to fit in? should give that a middle finger and shove in in the name of hip hop…the last trimester of hip hop, i will give all that to you and more…stayed tuned



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