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America’s Forgotten x Old Ghost

Album titles always set a tone for what lies within the album. It’s the final words of long days and nights of writing, producing and mastering sessions pulling from creative souls to share with the world their thoughts, emotions and beliefs. A title could be the death of your brand. But the title of the album I bring to you this eve is an absolute statement; Americas Forgotten. You can’t help but question…what exactly has America forgot or better yet who have we forgot about?

Sacramento native Old Ghost of The Peoples Revolution Crew also known as T.P.R. dropped his gem March 3rd of this year. It is always a pleasure to listen to the OG emcee for his growth is apparent on each album he drops. Old Ghost is known for his intellectual lyrics with soulful productions and well you will not be disappointed he still has his flare but the bonus is his production choices are bananas. A perfect fit. As a voice of the people this masterpiece is nothing short of visual expressions or repression if you will through words.
2011 Ghost dropped “This is Forever” after a few years away from the mic and I thought he couldn’t top that album. I was wrong. “America’s Forgotten” has surpassed my expectations. This album has righteous features from Izreal, Rasar TheJeli , Definite Mass, Bru Lei, L’s, Mic Jordan of Tribe of Levi, Melkez Reynolds, Ozay Moore, Ari Berger and Mahtie Bush.

AF’s tracks are laid out to take you on a spiritual and conscious journey. Old Ghost opens the album up with “Please Don’t Forget” ft. JRockIt, a well done intro by the way. “Fog Sets” speaks on our society, “That’s Fresh” touches on supreme education, faith, helping community rise and my personal favorite “Waiting For A Sign” which hits home for just about anybody who has a belief in a higher being. So to answer the question who or what has America Forgotten…Faith, belief in each other, belief that a community can rise above poverty, that there are still souls out in our world trying to make a better place by not overlooking the poor or homeless, pushing education in our schools for our children that will one day run our cities. We have forgotten about what really matters in the world with our selfish ego driven materialistic web we Americans have got caught in. In our world full of garbage main stream crap and you are looking for inspiration, a different perspective, a different voice that speaks truths then I suggest you get this album.

After listening to this album I felt that there is a new definition for conscious hip hop and he is Old Ghost.
Check out his page to cop America’s Forgotten on



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