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CapCitySoul Welcomes N.O.M.E. NOMADD

My inspiration varies everyday when it’s time to put words into a well formed paragraphs, but when I get the chance to conduct interviews, chat with local artists or simply during my research I can’t express the feeling I get when I am allowed to enter the minds of artists that range in all types of background, aspirations and goals filled and unfulfilled. So with that said I would like to welcome a new artist that has yet to be featured here on CapCitySoul. World here he is; N.O.M.E. NOMADD.

Musical background, cartoons, military and life has formed this kat into an incredible emcee. His strength and hope for UNITY in the Sacramento Hip Hop community is righteous to say the least. With numerous hits on his Video “Vicious” that features some of the illest outta the city of trees he is that inspiration for me continue working toward the shedding of light upon our city and its talents.

Meeting NOME for this first time was quite a surprise, he isn’t one of those emcees that boasts or has to be the loudest in the room; he is cool and collective. Conversations are easy and he is respectful without a doubt. Get to know this man and his music its good for your soul.

CCS: Tell me a little about where you grew up and the music you grew up on?

NN: I Grew Up In a lot Of Places, But Mostly In Sac….Growing Up I Had Always Been a Huge Wu-Tang Fan….Id Have To Say They Were Probably One Of The Biggest Influences Hip-Hop Wise Other Then B.D.P (Boogie Down Production)..But I Also Acquired Influences From Many Other Forms Of Artistry As I Grew Older…..One Of My Favorite Cartoons Of All Times Was The Jetsons & Thunder Cats lol…Growing Up Which Were 2 Completely Different Types Of Cartoons Probably Explains My Versatility Across The Board…..As In My Extremely Wide Range In Movies From Weird Science To Conan The Barbarian….Or Music From Jamiroquai To Mos Def……Enriched My Ability To Being Open To New Things As For The Military Helped Broaden My Horizons To Exceed Greater Lengths And Common Goals Of My Everyday Life…..

CCS: How was your name developed and full meaning for the readers?

NN: Well My Name: N.O.M.E. NOMADD
N.O.M.E. Means- Never Over-Emphasize My Existence….Basically Stating Never Put Added Emphasis on My Existence….I Am Who I Am……Rather You Like Me Or Not…..I Rock With The People Who Support & Move With A Purpose I’m All About Working Together And Excelling In Life….My Movement Is All About Unity In Hip-Hop As For The Typical Lawn Nome Some Cultures Believed Brought Great Fortune And Peace To Their Homes… I Strive To Be A Living Example Of That Exactly…..

CCS: When was that time in your life when you really knew that music was something you must do?

NN: I Would Have To Say Music Was Always In Me… Coming From A Father With An Extensive Musical Background….Playing A Broad Amount Of Instruments Self Taught…..And The Voice & Creativity To Go Along With It……His Band Toured Around The States Performing With…. Sly Family Stone…Earth, Wind, And Fire…..The Chocolate Chips….Etc. Honestly I Can’t Say I Ever Imagined Being A Artist Myself….It Kinda Just Happened In My Eyes But When I Look Back through The Years Growing Up It Was like The Elements Of My Up Bringing Lead Me Right To It….

CCS: Is music therapeutic to you in any way? How and what does it do for you as an artist and listener?

NN: Music Is Very Therapeutic For Me….It Kept Me Out Of Trouble Coming Up As A Youngin…..I Can Remember Many Occasions When Its Helped Sooth Or Cure Minor Cuts And Bruises Life Tends To Dish Out Is All I Say Bout That One….Hahaha. But On The Bright Side….My Music Is Like A Public Journal…My Way Of Voicing My Opinions And Views On Life With Out Being Interrupted….Its Basically You Get What I Give Rather You Like It Or Not….But It’s Genuine “ME”

CCS: Favorite verse? Why?

NN: Kanye West: ” Touch The Sky” ft. Lupe Fiasco……..What He Talks About On This Song In Which He Spits 2 Verses Before Lupe Comes In…..Is Relative To a lot Of My Life In My Past…..And Present…..He’s A Very Inspiring Artist….a lot Of Passion And Dedication!!! I Respect Any Artist That Not Only Has The Hustle And Drive But Respects The Art!!!

CCS: Vicious was released via YouTube just last year, bringing some of Sacramento’s most talented emcees out, what was you mission behind this song?

NN: “Vicious” Was Not Only A Way To Bring Artist Together Throughout Our City…But A Way For Me To Introduce Myself To The Sacramento Scene Along With Defining All Of The Elements I Intended To Bring To The Hip-Hop Forefront….As For My Movement Is Strictly About “Unity In Hip-Hop” Its About Networking And Supporting Each Other….The Hip-Hop Culture To Me Is A Community….

CCS: Future projects?

NN: This Year I Have a lot Of New Music For The People….Ill Kick It Off With “MADDWORLD” Produced By Westt Kraven …….Then I Have “F.B.N.S.” (Fly.Broke.N%&#?*.Society.) Produced By La Boutin …Then The “U.N.I.T.Y.” Album Produced by Jae Synth in Which Is More Like A Mass Collaboration Project…..And I Got A lot Of Other Projects As Well But I Can’t Give You All Of The Info…. You’ll Just Gave to Wait and See….The Element of Surprise!!!

CCS: As an artist do you feel that becoming a voice for a generation, that might be missing the point or reasoning of hip hop and it’s roots, is or can be at times void or stressful?

NN: YES……And NO…..I Say This Because Music Throughout The Years Has Evolved With The Times….But Not Only That It’s Rotated In Full Circle In A lot Of Ways As Well…..To Me What’s Considered Hip-Hop Now Isn’t What Hip-Hop Use To Be…….But There Are A lot Of New Artist Bringin’ That Real Hip-Hop Back….Like Kendrick Lamar…..Reazons & Cesar Of Ice Age H2O….But We Still Have Jay-z….KRS….Talib……Outkast…..Kanye…..Common…..The Roots…..Planet Asia…..Raekwon…..All Relevant Still Till This Day For Cats Who Thought Hip-Hop Was Dead….YEA RIGHT!!!Hip-Hop Is Reality the Rawest and Purest Form of Life It’s Self Through Rap Music Period…..It Don’t Get More Real Then That!!!So With That Being Said Whenever I Start Drifting….. I Just Reach Back To Where It All Started…..

CCS: Favorite emcee of all time? Favorite producer locally or nationally?

NN: KRS-ONE…Hands Down!!! But As For Producers Its A Toss Up Between…Kanye West….Black Milk…and The Rza…

CCS: If you could change one thing in the music game what would it be and why?

NN: The Way The Industry Categorizes The Different Genres Of Music…..Its Misconstruing The Various Art Forms…..Its Almost Like A Painting In Which The Illustrator Is Obviously Expressing Surrealism But The General Public Tag It As An Abstract Form Of Artistry…. Basically Saying The Industry Is Manipulated The Game In A lot Of Ways…And It Had Been Taking A Toll On Peep For Awhile But I Have Faith It Will One Day All Get Back To The Real..But that’s Just My Opinion!!!

CCS: What do you do for fun, hobby or past time?

NN: I Am A Straight Up Movie Fanatic I’m Pretty Sure I Have If Not Close To 1,000 Movies…and That’s Just DVDs’ …Not To Mention I Still Own Several Vhs….lol But I Dig Traveling….Reading….History Channel…..Animal Planet…..Cooking Network…..Yes Nome Can Throw Down In The Kitchen…..Classic Cartoons…..Watching My RedSox…All Football….Let Me Rephrase That….GREENBAY PACKERS!!! HAHAHA….. And Chillin’ With The FAM!!!

CCS: In one word what does music mean to you?


CCS: Favorite instrument and why?

NN: The Acoustic Guitar…… I’ve Always Respected The Way It Complimented Live Performance…..Especially Vocalist That Have The Ability To Play And Sing At The Same time Is Amazing To Me….Something I Always Wished I Were Able To Do……

He is a true inspiration!



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