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Chuuwee+Crown Me King Album+Videos

This evening I have decided to give you a few recent videos from one of our own, Mr. Chuubert Gatsby AKA Chuuwee. Crown Me King drops 4/24/12 and has been dropping dope videos over the past month. Instead of me writing about each one, or posting them on separate occasions I have put them all here for you. Yes you, for the pure enjoyment and true definition of what it means to be a lyricist. This kat stays fresh; he follows no one and is leading many even as a youth to the music game. I must also bring up his crew T.U.S, The Usual Suspects, are all very much in the same frame and focus as he. Amalgam Digi is one lucky label and smart, I might add, for letting this kat shine the way he knows how without the formalities of remaking an artist to fit for the label or putting a damper on his creative mind. So without further ado, enjoy the latest videos for Crown Me King.

Ps. Wild Style Album Drops 5/29/12 and if you haven’t got yourself a copy of Watching The Throne..well you loosing out, step ya game up yo.


Smoke one for Doom ft. Abstract Ninjaa

West Francia

Le Pere Du Peuple



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