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CHUUWEE “I’m rightfully dope”+Interview

Young, driven, focused and doing it moving this young kat from our city of trees has taken music fans from all over the nation by the ear, literally. His raw, truth filled no fear lyrics. His “I don’t give a f**k I do what I want to do” creative attitude, intelligence, wittiness, full of life manner and with out a doubt a true originator mastering his craft early and looking to expand his sound and reaching those who haven’t jumped on to the Chuuwee wave yet will in fact do so.

A young poet at the age of 5, Chuuwee, heard his mother rapping and he began to pick up on the delivery and rhyming tactics and thought “I can do that”. He states that rapping was the only thing he excelled in, so why not pursue it? Say Word? Word. And we as fans love you for it. I mean honestly, how hip hop could not have this fresh emcee in our culture is beyond me. He is about opening new chapters in music, meshing different sounds and rhymes that are creatively intriguing as well as not following the masses. Actually he is calling out the masses. A battle cipher royal, Chuuwee is successfully building his own kingdom. With more than a handful of successful records to date his new albums are sure to reign. Today I caught up with him during his promotional tour for the mixtape “Crown Me King” which is a righteous intro to his debut album, “Wild Style” dropping May 29th…Check it out….

CCS: Signing with Amalgam Digital, how did that come about?
C: We share a mutual friend, I was in Chico at this random cipher and our friend connected me with DJ Next, 6 months later I was on a flight that was in August 2010… We have worked with each other between the years and next thing I know… I am signing with Amalgam Digital.

CCS: Do you feel your music belongs in just one genre? Why?
C: Can’t fit into one or the other, I like to call my sound “neoboombap” neo soul, classic hip hop elements, ya know Gang Star’s Mass Appeal record set my mind to that classic sound.

CCS: This year you showcased at many shows at SXSW and also were featured in as a new fresh face to the scene, what were your thoughts during the week of music thus far in your career?
C: Crazy dope to be down their again, doing multiple shows, lots of love, the random people on the street would come up to me and tell me they dig my music and that they follow me and my sound was fresh. I was suppose to go last year and unfortunately was not able to attend, but this year it was pretty amazing.

CCS: What are your thoughts on the state of hip hop?
C: I feel like there are a lot of clones, everyone trying to be the same, a sort of disaloutional state, I, as an artist, have to catch people’s attention to stay in folks minds without being like the rest. I must give them something that’s positive or a resource in their lives, make my music relative, you know relating to people and their lives.

CCS: You talk about being and staying original in everything that your do, music, your fashion sense etc…Do you have a mantra that you follow to stay original and driven?
C: I get up in the morning and don’t care; I just do what feels right. I pull from all aspects of entertainment from the shows I watch. I watched Ferris Bueller on my way to SxSW so with that, I dressed like him throughout the week. I take inspiration from pictures, interviews, movies, shows, performances, fashion and mix them to my own fashion/music steez…

CCS: How does your album Wild Style differ from the past records as far as theme, production and rhyming goes?
C: Theme: a day in the 90s, production is bigger in a sense that it can be on radio, vh1 etc…I started as an underground emcee and that’s what my past records represent. With this record, Wild Style, I had to approach it on higher realm when it came to creating the music and how I wanted it to sound…and remain myself. It’s definitely advancement, a more professional level of music, classy 90’s meets, west coast, down south etc… I cover it all on this record.

CCS: Who, if any, are the most influential emcees growing up till now?
C: Watching Gang Star’s Mass Appeal video, man Guru was and still is the man. When I started to emcee he had the most influence on me with all of the skills he had for me to watch and learn.

CCS: Seeing you perform at different venues in the past and present, I have always noticed that you have this sort of “calm/cool/collective” attitude during your set…Do you ever get nervous?
C: Yes I do, I mean mostly to small crowd/venues gets nerves going. Big shows not too many jitters just butterflies the more intimate the more nervous. Getting the crowd to vibe with you is the part that can make anyone nervous.

CCS: In one word what does music mean to you?
C: Everything…Life.

“My dad always told me to treat my craft and creativity like it was a job rather than a hobby. Keeping in mind that what I do is a job and not just a “thing I do” makes me work hard at it and I will never fail it. I love music, this is my job, I am a recording artist and I love what I do. I wake up loving what I do.”

Follow this emcee on his journey through the music world at, twitter, facebook and Amalgam Digital website for his up coming shows and albums. I would like to give this kat a soul clap for he his was it takes to stay original, soul filled and relative in the many years to come. Support good music ya’ll.



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