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Advice! Show your seriousness….please

To all my beautiful stage performers in Sacramento and beyond, when performing, can you please not wear sunglasses when you are on stage, or better yet never? If you don’t wear them during the day when your suppose to wear them, hence the name sunglasses, you should not, never wear them when you are on stage. They are not called stageglasses or clubglasses or lightglasses…Man it’s the most annoying when watching a performance and the emcee’s where shades as if they are hiding from the crowd that came to connect with them. It’s about eye contact; it’s about looking at your crowd in their eyes, make that connection, and show them your passion and how you are serious about your craft. Haven’t you been told when speaking to someone to look at them in the eye, how it’s respectable to do so. Well same goes here, look at them dead in the eye and show that you are worthy of them paying or attending your show.I can see if your big time, Jayz status maybe, a video maybe but live performances never.

So going forth please take them damn shades off it ain’t about you it’s about your music, your connection with your followers and the passion you have for your own craft.

This picture is just an example of what I am speaking about, this performance was very good but would have been better if he would have taken them sunglasses off.



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