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Lee Bannon has Fantastic Plastic

Name: Lee Bannon. Plain and simple for this kat does not need any formal introduction his music speaks for itself. Hailing from the Sacramento Valley this eclectic, extraordinary, imaginative and inspiring producer is in a class all of its own. With a library full of instrumentals, mixtapes, EP’s and LP’s he has something for everyone to enjoy. 2009 to Present: Me & Marvin, The Smallest Giant (Loop & Legends)-C Plus, Never a Dull Moment-Willie the Kid, Hot ‘N’ Ready-Chuuwee, The Checkpoit, Bannon for Dummies, The Big Toy Box 1&2, Gnarlon Bando’s Midnight Nior…yo this kat goes in.

“Fantastic Plastic” released 2/28 via Plug Research with features from Chuck English, Del the Funky Homosapien, Oh No, Roc C, Inspectah Deck and others while also dropping the “Search and Destroy” in the meantime. This year will be an interesting one for this fellow for his influences, experiences and skills will only reach higher realms.

Tonight I bring to you a full album stream filled with astounding instrumentals and vocals for you all to enjoy. But that is not to say that you should not cop this album and support this mans artistic beauty. Also, one of my favorite videos so far, of Lee Bannon’s “The Weeknd Remix” Live via Bosse916.

Lee Bannon “Fantastic Plastic” Full Album Stream Link:

Lee Bannon “Fantastic Plastic” Itunes Buy-Link:




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