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14KT Releases video from “A friendly game of 14KT” Album-Width Ft. Tony Ozier

“This is a personal piece I wanted to share with you all. I made it from compiled videos I recorded on my phone. I made the song dedicated to God, but it’s also a dedication to my family and some of the friends He’s blessed me with.”

I thought I would start this piece with a quote from the humble man himself, 14KT. Hailing from Ypsilanti, Michigan he spreads his love and music around the world for all to embrace and support. With so many producers out now it’s always refreshing to see someone who has always stayed true to his sound, his own personal flavor, just reinventing it not following any of the main stream standards.

This year 14 KT released or shall I say leaked his newest gem, “A friendly game of 14KT” and received mad props from the minute it went viral. Hearing this album brought back all of those emotions I felt when I seen him live in SF a few years back. The man is beyond talented. His love spills out onto records, his breathe is slowly pushed out of speakers giving life to his very tones, bars, sounds he has developed.

Today I want to share with you Sacramento, a video he let go recently, “Width” ft. Tony Ozier, off his newest album. The vocals pour out sincerity and with 14KT heavenly sounds this song is a hitter now matter how you look at it. Grab your copy of the new album either CD or Vinyl today through Mello Music. Share and spread soulful music.

The man has a soul deeper than any I have seen or heard since Dilla.



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