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Old Ghost of The Peoples Revolution


If you haven’t heard of the crew TPR (The Peoples Revolution) well I feel sorry for ya. They have spent many years putting it down for our city. As artists grow, with their music, families and careers sometimes a move to another is city is what they must do, but that’s not to say that one forgets the city that helped mold, grow and raise them into the artist they are to date. December marked the release of the personal message and 2 year journey from Old Ghost of the TPR crew, the album “This is Forever” dropped and has been a listening pleasure, with songs like “Amelia” and “She” with its celebratory message to woman sharing their wisdom, knowledge and understanding with it charismatic yet mellow beats and great delivery. Then on the track “SACTOWN” ode to our very own Hip Hop creators or shall I say historians gets me all giddy for my city.

 As stories go some people take that risk to put out an album that has been boiling in their souls for days, weeks and years and then some never have the balls to do so, they let that time slip away and never come back to their passion. Not this kat, he has had full control over this album with production, features, videos and the PR.  The album features some of Sacramento’s most reputable emcees out like Mahtie Bush, Paul Flames, Century Got Bars, Nome Nomadd and the Tribe of Levi crew layin it down for your enjoyment.

I met Old Ghost years back when the Sacramento hip hop scene was smashing on our streets and on the brink of flooding it’s outlying towns, and since the scene has been a little quieter, it is good to see a family member back at it again. Artistic, articulate with no fear or shame, you simply can’t go wrong with this album. CapCitySoul recognizes your soul.


This is Forever...

Follow Old Ghost on and through for upcoming shows, news and purchase his current release “This is Forever” at


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