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Kats Making Noise

Kats Making Noise

As always I try my best to keep CapCitySoul fresh with new interviews, articles, shows/events etc…But I have decided to start doing a weekly bit; “Kats Making Noise”, showcasing talent that has paid dues with great albums, videos, shows and appearances all around California. The purpose for this is to visually explore the minds of California’s top talent and share that with all of you. So with out further ado…This week I will be bringing you…DLRN (DeLorean, Task1ne and Visual Junkie Erick Lee).

 DLRN which consists of two masterminds, 5th Ave (MC) and Jon Reyes (Beats) have proven their skill set is a bar higher than most. Being apart of the Neighborhood Watch scene these kats have keep up with their talent taking the development of a new sound of hip hop that equals a timeless, futuristic approach that will keep them in the intriguing pile of new and upcoming Sacramento artists. Education on Sacramento Hip Hop history, as it goes, is what some acts lack. These guys are up to par and with that, they know what has already been done, what can be done, and where they should take their music next. Success for Hip Hop in Sacramento is not going to be based off one emcee, one dj or one group, it’s about being a collective to get our city to shine.

This past week DLRN dropped a video that nearly blew my mind, +Mathematics= featuring Stevie Nader, which has me watching at least four times a day, the song is addicting, the visuals are an urban school love story and the vocalist melts my heart every time. Watch and learn.

Next we have Task1ne, a comic fiend, video game master and verbalistic machine. Task1ne has made a name for himself here on the streets of Sacramento, joining open mic ciphers, opening shows in many major cities including San Francisco and his very hometown Sacramento. His lyrics are in your face raw and we love it. When you meet him in person he is one of the nicest emcee’s around but let him put mic to hand and he will tear you apart, a rhyme spittin demon. Today’s feature video is Monster with ARAB and the man himself Task1ne…


And now Sacramento many of you have seen this kats videos on many websites from his very own to all of the artists he was worked with in the past and present. A very knowledgeable, artistic and creative mind Mr. Erick Lee (Bosse916). Quite simply his videos speak for themselves. The video I have choosen to show you today is shot on location with David Garibaldi while Chad Ross does a short doc on this well known Sacramento bboy/artist that has become internationally wanted. Erick Lee’s video accomplishments are a long list and growing the kats got talent….Enjoy


I simply must say that Sacramento’s Got Soul….










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