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He’s Back…..CAWZLOS

photo by Amanda Lopez

At a young age this emcee was not one of those kids that followed music, was passionate about the words and the tempos that poured out of the speakers in his radio or even had a favorite artist. No, he didn’t even listen to hip hop growing up, if anything he listened to his mother’s favorite group the Beach Boys. Getting into trouble at a young age rebelling against an unknown, this youngin was that of the backpacking, krylon carrying and wall taggin kind. Using his artistic drawing skills, he sprayed his thoughts out onto the city, his personal canvas. After a few years of developing as a graff artist, this cat’s aggressive side blossomed into this mad visual expressionism. Since the art of graffiti then, years back, was such a “hush hush lifestyle”, he explains, he needed a bigger outlet to show off his visions maybe voice his vision. Gaining fame in the silent movement (graffiti) then, pushed him more and more to finding that other outlet. Emcee?

 Oblivious that graffiti is one of the elements of hip hop he decided to link up with a couple of high school classmates and find out what this “emcee” form of expression could do for him. His mentality went “find the source of talent and attach myself to them so to learn as much as I could” he explains, “I wanted fame”. CAWZLOS was then birthed into a freestyle expressionist. Using his words instead of paint to show his city, Sacramento, his heart, his crafty nature and a personal release of emotions, He says “it was this secret life I was leading, graffiti artist and now an emcee”. The Cawz was thus formed and consisted of three members that took Sacramento and shed some light on its underground culture.  Performing and traveling was all apart of the fame he was looking for but he still did not feel full. More, he needed more.

After spending a few years in the spotlight Cawzlos was finished with it all. He added a new chapter to his book an addition to his immediate family, a daughter, and quickly got tired of the music scene, “I got burnt out” he tells me. After traveling to LA and other cities to push his music career or fame I should say, he realized that his interest in music and having to mesh marketing /networking together “chasing that dream” he says “ I lost interest in it all”. Laying the mic down Sacramento did not see Cawzlos in our ever growing culture anymore. Retirement?

A few years pass and his brain still telling him to use his talents, business talents that is, he hooked up with a friend, Rich Wing, and developed Rich was still involved very heavily in our music scene in Sacramento so naturally Cawzlos attached himself to Rich and the site began to flourish. Stepping slowly back into the music hustle, Cawzlos began to use his business knowledge and was managing artists such as Chase Moore and Mc Rut. Only picking up the mic to hype up a show his love for emceeing was still on a low. “I knew that when I turned 31 years old, that I would come back to the mic”.

2011 here we are, Cawzlos has developed on a whole other spectrum of culture in our city. The Downtown’s Kitchen was dished out and opened this year inside the infamous Round Corner on S and 24th streets. Taking his love for business and food, he developed this Vegan vs. Carnivore menu that is incredibly delicious. With a few of his friends as partners, this kitchen has blown up to be a favorite meal spot to local food lovers, myself included. Nine months into his success with his kitchen, Cawzlos has dug into more ground. Next door to the Round Corner a closed barber shop has sat vacant for sometime will now become a new friend in our community,” Your Friends Barber Boutique Art Gallery”. Opening in the next month or so this place will be a local spot to shop, view art and get a fresh fade.

But another surprise my friends, Cawzlos is back. Yes, Cawzlos the emcee, louder than before with an “in yo face raw” mentality along with his newly formed band. Upon this interview I understood that he would be returning to the music scene but was just unsure in what form. Well to my ultimate surprise this cat will be blowing wigs back at the Mystick Journeymen show, opening for these two hip hop legends. As a local legend himself, Cawzlos will be performing some new tracks with production by Chase Moore and Mc Rut. As I began to write this I thought to myself “a band, raw and louder than most, this is sure going to be a show to not miss”. I, in total excitement for something fresh, something new to be developed here in our city which in turn will open new doors at venues and/or eyes and ears of some who have closed them due to this mainstream shit that comes out of our city.

Cawzlos explained to me that this will be a new and old Cawzlos meshed together. Still emceeing inner struggle on a personal level rather than a worldly political platform, he considers this sound of music being “new and cutting edge”.  Intense sounds from his drummer, Ill Root and guitarist, Elvis Le along with raw lyrics/freestyles that express a grown up Cawzlos will without a doubt make noise within our cities guts.

A soul clap goes out to Cawzlos for keeping growth in our city.

Follow him and his band on and for some of his first videos and graffiti movement.



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