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Keepin’ it Movin: C Plus

It takes a truly hungry emcee to get his or her name out, to be heard, to be seen and for people to listen and follow. Fans will not just appear, you must give and share who you are for them to find a connection with you and your music. Tonight I am here to share with you someone who has been hustling in this music game, traveling our nation sharing his story, appearing at local shows, actively trying to become something bigger someone we can add to our hip hop cultures history books.Some of you may know him, heard of him or simply seen him at a show. But he has created a documentary to share with you his passion and soul for music. Give it up for C Plus!


This cat has been in the streets something tough and it’s not just in our city, no, he taking it across the states. This documentary, “Stay Official” Part 1, gives you a glimpse inside the mind of C Plus and what he is trying to accomplish. This video with its clean cuts, score and vision was shot/edited by Erick Lee of BOSSE, who is also a rising star in our city. Keep your eyes and ears open people, these two progressive men are keepin’ it movin.

Follow them on,, and facebook for all your visual and listening pleasure.



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