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Sacramento x Hip Hop x Community

I have literally witnessed the rise of Hip Hop in Sacramento. I have also witnessed the divided Hip Hop community we have in our city. Sacramento has been a place of raising many great emcee’s, producers, dj’s, graf artists and bboy/bgirls. But what stumps me every time is how some groups of folks still want to be the one and only person that places Sacramento on the map of Hip Hop shine. Over the years many have tried to bring our city to the light of the Hip Hop world in California, across the states and internationally by themselves. Let me tell you that it is not going to be just one single person, no it is going to take a movement. I see cats at shows that act like they are the only main attraction, that it is only they who people came to see. Not giving a damn who is on the mic at that moment, showing up late to gigs, asking for their whole crew to get in with passes, it just boggles my mind that people can be so single-minded and self righteous.

Lets go back in time for a minute, do any of you remember what it was like when you first fell in love with Hip Hop? Do you remember who you were with at that time? Who you shared this excitement with? Was it a show you went to? Was it a graf artist or dancer you seen perform?

Well, I do and it was like I became a new person, a new vision of life was represented and it wasn’t from just hearing one song, it was a whole culture movement. I felt it; the bass hitting my chest, vibrating my hair, the heat of all the bodies that lined up around me in front of a stage. I seen it; the open mic, the cyphers, the bboys/girls with their never-ending windmills,2 on 2 battles, dj’s in their musical hypnosis, the arts of a graf artists making masterpieces from the use of spray cans. I heard it; words that rhymed in all ways and speeds of time, unimaginable metaphors while some use the mic for spoken word. It was something so intimate, so incredibly moving and beautiful. This group of people who represented this culture, this lifestyle, this awe that captured me. Hip Hop was given to us in many forms, I am not going to go into the elements of it all because quite honestly you should know them by now, especially if you claim to be a fan. My point is that we need to form as a full force, work together, share the same love for one another’s craft, support each other in our ever evolving endeavors in the Hip Hop culture. Be at shows, buy each others albums, quit the high school bullshit and get on a higher level.

I will say that not everyone is like that, I will confess that this is a small rant on my part for I want to see all my friends and family hit their mark on the map. I support all the artists in all of their forms and will always, always show them love. Make our love for this culture surpass anything that has ever held us back from becoming a city where real hip hop has birthed into a beautiful movement.

Support your own!



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