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Compton’s Kendrick Lamar

So within the last week or two I have been asked to write for, but that is not to say that I will not keep capcitysoul as my number one. But I wanted to share with you the experience on the Kendrick Lamar show last friday 10/7. Had to be one of my favorites this year. The man put it down, his hype made me want to jump on stage with him and crowd interaction made me see how in tune he is with his fans. His newest project Section 80 speaks to all of us that were products of the 1980 era. Hailing from Compton, Ca respectfully represanting our State with his knowledge, heart and passion to make himself be heard. Lamar has been keeping his talent rolling working with Los Angles native The Game, inspirational piece for Dr. Dre on the long overdue Detox joint and also has a mixtape coming out with J Cole who also is featured on his lastest album.The tracks off of Section 80 not only resinate close to everyones hearts but also give light to how we can still survive without taking the wrong path, making ourselves be known by raising our voices together to make a change in society. Mad props goes out to Kendrick for coming through and showing Sacramento some love. Big Ups!

Check out the piece on the show, click the link below:



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