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.:N-Pire x Nash x Everybody Hates Nash:.

As a young adult growing up in Sacramento it is apparent that our folks, parents, mentors and what have you, without a doubt rubbed a piece of their history, a piece of their soul onto us all. This goes without question that this cat from South Sacramento has used his talent with that special soul dose to become another great vocal artist, production master and creative writer that comes out of our capital city. After seeing Nash perform at a weekly rendezvous, LIFE@Distillery, it was very obvious to me that this cat had skills for the crowd was caught up in his aura. His lyrics and steez was and still is fresh. As the last couple of years have past his talent has not gone unrecognized. Nash is still making moves. His latest album “Everybody Hates Nash” is a true confession of what he lives for, what he sees and what he is all about. We welcome, Nash Boogie aka N-pire Da Great.

Q: Tell me a little bit about the relationship you have with music?

I was influenced young by all the jazz and funk my parents listened to. It inspired me to start pursuing a career in music. Now I produce, arrange and write/perform music.

 Q: When you head to the lab, do you have an idea of what sounds, what you will be producing or do you just go in and bust out whatever you feel at the time?

It depends on the day. Sometimes I’m inspired already and know what I’m trying to make and then some days I have no clue what I’m making until it’s nearly completed. It varies, but for the most part I just create as I go along.

 Q: What are your favorite collaborations thus far in your career and why?

Doing production for Brotha Lynch Hung, Freeway, Federation, and Roscoe Umali. From an artist standpoint doing songs w/ Willie the Kid, Termanology and Planet Asia. I like the fact that I can play both sides of the field, makes for a better game! (Winks)

 Q: What do you enjoy doing the most; producing, dj’n or writing/performing?

That’s a hard one. I would say producing a beat and then writing and recording a song to what I just made. The process is timely but when I’m in my mode that’s when I get my best work done.

 Q: Tell us about the production and ideas behind “Everybody Hates Nash”?

It started off as an EP lead up to my first solo album entitled “Legends Never Die,” but I ended up with so many songs for LND that EHN turned into a 15 track project. The idea for the title came on 4/20 as I was partaking in festivities w/ my media team Rebellious Reflection. How it turned out I couldn’t have even expected and the response and support has been crazy.

Q:  Why that title?

When I thought of the title I was trying to find a way to bring some humor to the project being that the material was so serious. When u see a cover or title like that u wouldn’t expect for the material to be so reality driven. Element of surprise! (chuckles)

Q: What are your thoughts on this fuse of music that we hear on radio?

 I don’t listen. But when I do I hear a lot of stations dogging hip-hop, which is funny because all the music they play is hip-hop inspired, driven and/or based. From Lady Gaga to Bruno Mars and Adele it’s all soul, jazz, hip-hop derived, even dubstep, mashup, and grime.

Q: Do you think that hip hop with ever run its course again, with music that meant something, a story, a lesson etc…?

I don’t know but I’m certainly trying to do my part. A lot of youngans I’ve been hearing are trying to bring that 90’s feel back but I think it’s about reality driven music. Not the images that these artists today are painting.

Q:  Who are some artists, national, international and locally that influence you on a daily basis and why?

 I’m influenced by a lot of different artists and genres of music. It may be an old sample I hear that makes me want to make a beat, or it may be a verse or a subject that an artist talks about that inspires me to write. Artist wise and producer wise I’m inspired by originality and dopeness.

 Q: What are your thoughts on mainstream (signed artists) labels vs. independent?

It depends on how you think your career should be handled. Smart business moves can be made on both ends I just encourage people to learn the business. Once you learn the business there’s money to be made on both ends it just comes down to marketing, branding and planning. Last but not least it takes money, it may not cost you a million but you cannot be successful for free.

 Q: What can we look forward to from N-Pire aka Nash Boogie in 2012?

  My second project, LND (Legends Never Die) and a lot more production placements, shows and visuals.

CapCitySoul is most definitely proud to have this native in our community making noise. His lyrics are raw and real. With everything that is going on in our world and musical hood, not only do we have good stories to write about, i.e. life lessons, things we see and hear but we have the outlets to spread our messages world-wide. Nash is doing that and he is making himself loud and clear. Big ups to Nash for giving us his time and make sure to follow him on,, and his and grab his new album Everybody Hates Nash!

~Jacquie Yo



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