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Sacramento’s own: Mainetain

Sacramento has been this place of talent for many years and for many reasons. It has been my full pleasure to ensure I bring to CapCitySoul the best that we have in our area. Upon starting my site I have researched a lot of cats out here who have the capabilities to be of our greats to make it out of Sacramento and follow their passion. Today I bring to you: Mainetain, a Sacramento native, great lyrists, a respectful being and a cat who continues to pursue his love for music by sharing his talent with us.


Tell us a little about how you became an MC?

 I became an emcee because I fell in love with hip hop the first time I heard it! Being an emcee is just something I’ve been for years but it took until high school to expose my talents to the world. I started performing and pursuing it as a career in the early 2000’s. My first crew was in high school called Fulu Kamp. It was me, my best friend Corlito Spitz, NPire Da Great, and a few others. My first time on the mic I met N-Pire at a house party. Over the years the crew began to do other things and me and Lito stayed down and formed our group New Skool Enk; from there my little brother 5th Ave of DLRN, started The Neighborhood Watch and NSE became one of the founding members of The Watch.

 What drew you to music?

                Music has always been my friend. My parents always had music playing from r&b to jazz. So it’s always been a part of my life and there for me in good and bad times. Music is an escape, a journey, and a ride! I have been addicted since day one. It’s the most honest form of expression!

Who were your musical influences growing up?

                I was born into hip hop, but it wasn’t my first influence. So all the music my parents and older siblings were playing; The O’jays, The Jacksons, many jazz artists in the 90’s, old blues, then as I grew older I began discovering the music I like that my family didn’t listen to; Phil Collins, all the type of music that play the soundtrack for 80’s movies, then when the 90’s came hip hop took over; E-40, The Mob Figaz , Cydal, 3x Krazy, Dogg Pound, Method Man, Scarface, Outkast, Brotha Lynch, C-Bo, Tech N9ne and so many more I would be going all day.

Artists you have worked with in the past and present?

Corlito Spitz, N-Pire Da Great, 5th Ave, State Cap, C-Plus, Mic Jordan, Skurge, Theek, Sol, Polo, Mr.Blap, Squeez from the Rich, Random Abiladeze, Chase Moore, A.R.A.B, Confadential, Konnex,  Goldie of Federation, Nicatyne, A.V of State Cap, Rock Burgundy, Plush Lush, Carnegie Of Silver Medallions (R.I.P), Mayhem, Freddie Mackin, Whop, and many more I’m sure.

In your own words, describe the sound of your music?

 My music is soul struggle music. I’m a lyricist, a west coast style but not your stereotypical form of west coast music I guess. I make music for those who love good music whether it be hip hop, rap, rock, whatever, I just try to make good music. I do this for Sacramento, but I do that by doing me. Doey Rock told me one day “don’t put Sac on ya back or the west for that matter just do you with pride and the public will know you do that for where you’re from”.

 Who would you like to work with in the future and why?

                I would like to work with Big Boi from Outkast because he is underrated like I feel I am. He has never compromised his style or what he believes in. I would like to work with The Jacka and all of the Mob Figaz because they are great artists, I play them all the time, and they have been a big influence on me because they stay real to themselves, I believe them when they speak. E-40 of course because that’s uncle Earl he is one of the best to ever do it lyrically and business wise as well. I would also like to work with Deftones because they have been one of the biggest acts to make it from Sacramento and their sound is unbelievable. And of course Tech N9ne because he is also on my favorite artists and he is the definition of self-determination, perseverance, ambition, and determination.

 Choose one: piano, horns, drums or guitar and why?

Guitar- Jimi Hendrix- the sound made from that instrument just gives me the chills when I hear it played live or laid on a track the right way.

What are your thoughts on underground vs. commercial?

Underground- too many crabs trying to hold you down / Commercial- Real good music gets no love! It’s about trends and fabrication. Me, myself I fit into no category. I feel the underground means your unknown to the mass majority and the commercial scene is the opposite. I know I make music good enough to satisfy both markets!

What new projects can we look forward to from you?

 In Due Time- My debut original production solo is dropping this fall. New Skool Enk, group album, early 2012, maybe even end of 2011. Wonderful Music @ available now I dropped it in May and used all 9th Wonder beats. Long Road Home – Corlito Spitz mixtape dropped in July.

Who inspires you?

My children, my crew, my team behind the scenes, My faith, my other half!

 In one word what does music mean to you?


Readers please make sure to check out his sites to continue to follow this emcee who is a great inspiration to all of us.



One thought on “Sacramento’s own: Mainetain

  1. Yo! Maine, I feel like you touched on every point about your self and your music. You really gave your audience all that they need to get familiar with you as an artist. I enjoyed reading the interview, thanx for the shot out! Much love an RIP to our fallen brother Carnegie, he will not be forgotten… LitoSpitz

    Posted by Corlito Spitz | August 16, 2011, 8:03p08

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