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“I am a product of Big Daddy Kane"….Peta Parka

Man oh man, my CapCitySoul readers do I have a treat for you.  A man that has thus far been one of the most interesting interviews I have done in reference to his historywith music. The knowledge and wisdom he contains in the music game is ridiculously on point. From the day he entered this crazy world, hopping out of his stroller, grabbing the mic and doing vocals over his fathers 8 track mixtapes, to spending time in Germany as a kid and being able to absorb music and hip hop culture in a different country is a small part of the life of Peta Parka.

Growing up in different cities and countries allowed this man to know what the music industry could represent for a young spitta. As a kid he was naturally drawn to music while his father spun Earth Wind and Fire to Curtis Blow in his household. Peta took to the beats, vocals, and counts very quickly. His first taste of Hip Hop was getting into the scene as a break dancer/ floor cutting dude. This gave him a little more insight of the elements of this culture. He loved it.

Peta soaked in all of the elements that represent Hip Hop especially the art of the MC. Peta started rhyming words out loud while doing chores around the house. As he grew into a young man, Peta began writing down these rhymes that would run around in his thoughts until it became effortless.  From then on it progressed; it was something he looked forward to, a way to connect with people, to become an individual that could give us all a tiny piece of him through his writing, which turned into stories that expressed his undying love for music.

Leaving San Bernadino, which was a choice his parents made for him, to come back to Sacramento with his father to attend high school and put all his energy and focus into sports rather than writing rhymes and hanging out with the wrong crowd. Mr. Parka put music on the back burner. Getting into sports was cool by him, he was good at them, so he dug it but as he would walk down the hallways during classes he could see, hear and feel the electric currents of his Hip Hop hard wiring through the form of his peers. He would listen to cats freestyling and battling during lunch. Back then local celebrities, like Brotha Lynch, would come up to Johnson to find cats in ciphers battling each other. Lynch wanted to hear new talent that was coming out of Sacramento, so taking a stroll on the Johnson quad was perfect. The school had been blessed with the likes of many artists who would come and support it’s youthful Hip Hop lovers.  Peta states “Johnson was like a Hip Hop Fame”.  Truth, Sacramento many of our most talented Mc’s, DJs, and Producers were all students at Johnson. With Peta Parka this is also true for him;  he has pure talent. This scene made his love for music rehash itself, to resurface if you will. He began writing again.

Q: What makes you different than other MCs?

A:  I think my experience in this industry sets me apart from others. I have learned from my mistakes and others in this game. I know what I need to do and what not to do. Becoming self sufficient, being well rounded and not having to rely on others in the industry to get me from point A to point B. I can do it all. I also feel that most cats do it just for the money or fame of it all, not out of love for this culture. I would still do it if I wasn’t making money.


Q: Being signed to Jive Records, tell us how that came about and your time as a signed artist?

A:  In the beginning I was surrounded by talent of all types from my youth, to teenager to an adult. My homies knew folks, which could potentially promote and get me where I needed to be. From talent shows to steppin shows people would get to hear my rhymes and my fan base grew.  I was at Chico University at the time when we took a demo out to L.A. I got with a few cats that were managed under Chaz Hayes, our demo was heard, and people loved it. We signed and became BHE/JIVE Records artists. As time went on the independent label, BHE, and Jive ended up with a few legal issues that had nothing to do with the group’s artists. After The Source Magazine gave us 3 out of 5 mics, our independent label was cut just two short weeks before the whole album was to drop on the airwaves and in stores. Even though we didn’t get to drop our full album I was able to meet lots of people, Keith G and Chocolate whose best friend is DOC from NWA, who would be great resources for me and my future.

After touring with people like Spice 1, Peta came back home to Sacramento and hooked up with a fellow Chico University cat to reinvent his sound, music and style. Learning everything from his past experiences with the record labels, promotions, producing and such, Peta taught himself everything he needed to know about conducting all his own work so that he could be completely independent. Relying on only himself to engineer and produce his own work, writing, graphics you name it, allows his expectations of greatness to rise with out having them interfered with the likes of others who might not be as hungry as he.

Q:   So Capcitysoul got word that you’re sitting on a few albums? What’s the story behind this?

A:   (Chuckle) Yes I have a few that are going to drop very soon.  We pushed the Early Christmas Mixtape first and will be adding more videos to go along with the “Be with me” track. Next we will drop, “Ya Moms Favorite” with its 80’s inspired hits, then Parka for President Mixtape and then Ghetto Blaster, which is my best work yet.


Peta Parka’s Early Christmas with Krave Deez is a hitter, his rhymes fresh, classic, with samples from some of my favorite songs, you just can’t go wrong with this record. Peta has also begun a project called Route 50 Riders which showcases some of the northern Sacramento talent that does not get enough light shown on them. Parka says  “We get play from those in South Sac, Midtown, Natomas and Pocket area but not so much on the Rancho side”. So with this, he is creating a record to show that talent that has grown up and still dwells in this area. I am a big fan of this project for all areas of Sacramento’s talent should be showcased.

 I will leave you with this; Peta Parka will be around for a long time. From youngin P2 to adult Peta Parka his skillful flows and deliveries are that of what we call legendary. History, knowledge and forward movement keeps him up a level higher than every other cats out here trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry. Peta Parka will be working on a book and documentary that will open the doors for those who have no idea what is in store for them when signing to a label, the crazy game of the music industry and more. Mr. Parka’s life is music and music, in return, gives him life.

Check out his work and follow him on:, twitter: mrpetaparka, FB: petaparka, and



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