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FE in Sacramento, Stand Up!

The name Foreign Exchange could not be more proper for this musical duo. The two met via and began a friendship and musical affair, collaborating  ideas and meshing them into the perfect package. Phonte hailing from North Carolina and Nicolay from The Netherlands these two make a beautiful exchange that has hit highs world wide. Phonte, 1/3 of Little Brother, and Nicolay, who has done mostly solo albums, has proved to us that they can keep pushing forward with new sounds, lyrics that have new meanings and unique flavor that we will keep demanding in our evolving musical world.

From the first to their fourth album FE has kept it truly authentic with soulful sounds, flavorful shows and emotional videos that has made following their journey that much more exciting. The duo added a few key ingredients to this melodic dish; Median, Yahzarah and ZO!.  This year ladies and gentlemen The Foreign Exchange will be coming to Sacramento and I want you all to show your love and support for this amazing group of performers.

The very day of dropping their first single in 2004, Sincere, off the Connected album, Phonte and Nicolay have made us crave for more of their fulfilling music. Staying on the charts, this group turned around and fed us more with 2008’s Leave it all Behind which led to a Grammy nomination for the Daykeeper track. 2010 the Authenticity album dropped and we were yet again left in awe. Following their music and journeys has given me great joy and would love for you all to experience the same.

FE began The Authenticity Tour this year and has been around the world with their intimate performances with packed venues in places we only dream about. Along with FE on the Sacramento Stage will be Sy Smith, ZO!, Jeanne Jolly and live band. The Artisan Gallery on Del Paso Blvd in Sacramento is the place to be, 7:30pm July 23rd.Tickets are available for purchase at

Check out their journey, blogs, music, interviews and videos on the FE official website:



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