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The Smugglers Tour: BAMBU

“When I see more liquor stores than libraries…..” After hearing this I shook my head because quite honestly this is fact. The Pro-People voice behind these words knows first hand how an environment can shape youth by negative influences wrecking the young minds and his name is BAMBU. This adolescent gang member ran around the streets of Los Angeles getting himself into what is consider the “wrong crowd”. After getting caught up with the gang affiliated lifestyle he was given a second chance by a Los Angeles judge to turn his life around after his armed robbery case came to its closure; he joined the Marine Corp per judge’s recommendation. Completing his time BAMBU made his way back to his streets and seen how life had changed. Old homies gone by way of the gun, some locked up seeing years ahead of them, others married with kids or still banging. Question was: What was BAMBU going to do?

“It was accidental” he says in an interview with VH1. Turning to music after having an established love affair with her, he decided to use his street knowledge, credentials, and musical skills to speak directly to the youth. His background with music and street living gave him the perfect opportunity to teach one to turn the right way and not the wrong. With a long list of songs that are followed by many age groups and ethnic backgrounds this Philippine blood lined being has sprung a new leak in our musical world. From albums to mixtape productions BAMBU and DJ Phatrick are two peas in a pod. Turning months into years of music meshing, they are both nothing less than amazing.

 BAMBU’s albums cover just about everything that is wrong about society as well as touching us with songs that make you think about what your legacy will be to your children on the track Old Man Raps. Peaceful Pistols is silently deadly with its beat and strong words. He didn’t stop their ladies and gents he teamed up with legendary DJ Muggs to put out Los Angeles, Philippines Mixtape with dope tracks like Grenade that will knock you out of your seat.  

BAMBU’s empowering movement and “not to be messed” with lyrics has made the Bay Area and his hometown Los Angeles receive him with open arms. This year BAMBU is hitting the stages in a variety of cities to brush off his shoulders and feed us a piece of his soul.

Catch BAMBU on The Smuggler’s Tour at Sol Collective 5/11/2011 at 9:30pm. Give love and support to those who help out our youth and try to make our crazy world a better place. Check out his website for updates on shows, videos and new music or check out one of his affiliated websites that help empower the community with resources to live a better lifestyle. Donations are welcome. or



3 thoughts on “The Smugglers Tour: BAMBU

  1. I like the article written. Its good to see some real hip hop interest in the Sac area, i thought the article was informative and very interesting it gave a different perspective on Bambu. He’s paid his dues and has given his devotion to the underground scene, and i’m glad someone is taking notice. Peace

    Posted by aaron duncan | May 20, 2011, 8:03p05
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