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All C.I.T.Y.xC Plus

C Plus, hailing from the mighty north of Sacramento has dipped his saucy lyrics into all of our souls. This young cat is successfully holding Sacramento down along with the rest of our talent that has yet to be recognized and honored as they should be. Rep’n Sac on every track C Plus delivers pure enjoyment.

As 1/4th of the State Cap family, C plus has earned his stripes performing on the frontlines for Sacramento and its ever growing, ever changing Hip Hop scene. C Plus’s albums are mixed with all that is freshly growing out of Sacramento. Within the past few years his name has been a focal point on every flyer that has been placed inside boutiques, record stores, social networks, and out the mouths of our city natives. His freshly pressed mixtape, All C.i.t.y. (Creative Intelligent Troubled Youth), which dropped April 20th of this year, has yet again blown my mind. Working with gifted producers as Hippie Sabotage, Chase Moore, Nicatyne, Billy Hi Life and Npire the Great along with ill flows from featured artists you know and love is another hitter for this rhyme slinger. His collection of albums, singles and mixtapes are sure to end up in your library after hearing his soul laid out on his tracks. His collaborations are vastly moving in the right direction and the respect from fellow music lovers growing nationwide. I have sat back watched, listened and rooted for this cat to blow up and by goodness it’s going down. C Plus has that internal fire that lights up a stage at his live performances and the messages in his songs are loud and clear. Log into and get his new album. You will never be disappointed.

Sacramento, Stand Up and Salute This Man.



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