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A note to readers

Hello readers and fellow soul lovers,

Capital City Soul has begun its service to the Sacramento area by bringing you the undying love we have for music. Some of you may have a few favorites in this genre but we are here to represent the soulfully talented musicians, songwriters, producers and overall artists of Sacramento. As Sacramento has become this “Top 40’s” scene I want you to know that the love of soul still lives, especially in Sac. Let’s take it back real quick. Soul Music…

The culture that has brought the unlikely of races together, melodically, with the fuse of gospel, jazz and rock and roll in the 50’s which shed light on the emotions and struggles of the Midwest and South. The power that these musicians possessed has led many artists today on a soulful journey of their own. Blues and Funk added to its incredible sound in the 60’s demanded us to listen. Sam Cooke, Chuck, Ray, James, Billie and Nina are just a few that brought the power of a horn, keys, drums and strings meshed with incredible vocals to the light of what real music is all about. The 70’s and 80’s brought us a mixture of incredible vocalists and musicians as well. What we like to call Motown. Stevie Wonder, Diana, Marvin, Smokey, Teddy and Curtis Mayfield were on the top of the charts week after week across the globe. And when soul mixed with disco funk we got a chance to see the dedicated listeners on Soul Train dancing to the sensational sounds. The 90’s came around and Soul took a backseat to let out only “quiet storm” soft melodies and tempo music to let the unveiling of contemporary rhythm and blues sound to take center stage. Neo Soul was birthed to keep soul music alive. This new genre gives us a tiny peak into the sounds of the past fifty years with the producers and singers/songwriters that have changed the game of soul music; winning every time.

We still have that sound, that freedom of expression through soul music. I think we just simply forget how many emotions this sound makes us feel. With the many artists that have used some of these figures as mentors and the use of samples in records gives our younger generation a chance to hear what it was like fifty years ago. How strong the music was, how blues represented emotions, gospel gave us faith to rise above others, the horns of a jazz musicians pain and pleasure, piano keys telling us a story, disco making us dance and words of phenomenal writers made us equals.

I am here to keep you tuned in to this music the beautiful mesh of instruments, vocals, writing and production. Please feel free to email to let us know of an event you would like covered or an artist that needs to be heard.




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