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Grimey Sacramento Style

Grimey pounding bass and drums so loud your granny can hear it while sweat drips down your face from entering this high energy bi weekly rendezvous. Ladies and Gentlemen this is the definition of attending a Grimey event in Sacramento. The Townhouse Lounge has been home to the Grimey goers and has packed the place with followers of the mighty Dj Whores and JayTwo Thow Zen.  Grimey is one of those events you just can’t wait for. The energy you feel when you walk through those barely standing burgundy doors of the townhouse and smelling the damp sweat mixture in the air will make you think twice about bringing a jacket next time.Then the bass line hits pulsating your chest and lights that dance overhead send you instantly into a trance. While heading to the bar you will get a glimpse of Sacramento’s hottest artists, Dj’s and Emcees. The bar might be small but trust me you will need to get a cool beverage before figuring out which dance floor to check out first. On both floors you will find that the Grimey crew isn’t playing around. Inviting some of the best dup step, grime, UK sound and original mix guest DJ’s to share with Sacramento their description of soul music.

Check out Grimey every other Tuesdays at The Townhouse Lounge located on 21st (between O and P) doors open at 9pm.

April 12th Grimey with s/p guests: Chk, Chk, Chk, Who Cares and Man Machine.

April 26th Grimey with s/p guests: Mimosa, Deathface and Paper Diamond.



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