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Sitting down with Styles 1001

Sitting down and talking with producer Styles 1001 gives me another reason why I still believe that the fuse of jazz/soul/hip hop will continue to grow deeper into our core and allow us to keep this music alive.  Being a huge fan of these genres I will honestly say that his skills and knowledge, in all aspects, are an example of the talent and love for music we have in Sacramento.

Styles grew up on a steady dose of mama’s records as a child playing Luther Vandross, Miles Davis, and Charlie Parker matching scratches to the beat that started his love affair with music. Growing up in the Bay Area where veterans of verbal skills blossomed; Cellski, RBL Posse to Richie Rich mixed with Fat Boys, Whoodini, LL Cool J and Run DMC and then hearing Wu Tang Clan’s 36 Chambers for the first time was the turning point to lead this man to follow his love to produce music.

Traveling for a year in a half around Europe and being able to witness the universal love of hip hop in other cultures was pure inspiration to Styles. Inspiring? I would say so. But not only did it inspire him but gave him that final push to start his first album. Taking a steady two years to put all the pieces of Styles’ skillful musical puzzle together, The Solution was birthed. What keeps his music so close to the origins of music is due to what he listens to on an everyday basis. He doesn’t listen to radio…AMEN brother! But with out a doubt you can find Tribe, The Clan and Ella in his stereo and because of this his album The Solution is freshly pressed with a fuse of new and old inspirations.  He has made an album that fits with any time and place. This is not an album that will be put on a shelf after a few plays, no it will stay in rotation for all time, Epic.

Styles 1001’s definition of soul music: universal sound.

Be on the look out for his next album, we hear it’s on a jazzy tip!



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