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Poetry at Queen Sheba

A small busy restaurant by day but when the clock strikes 9 on a Wednesday night the nag champa is lit and the doors open to a group of poetic candy givers to feed its visitors some sweet words for your soul.

 Queen Sheba’s on Broadway, in Sacramento, is the place to be on a mid week evening to listen and vibe with a mix of poets and vocalists. The Mahogany Urban Poetry Series Open Mic is the longest running poetry series in Sacramento. Malikspeaks is the bard veteran keeping the poets of Sac alive. This weekly rendezvous is extremely healthy for your soul. The many forms of poetry are present with deep confessional writings, song/vocal teasers, to down right hilarious pieces. A visit or two is a must for all Sacramento natives. Queen Sheba’s also offers drink specials and appetizers during the evening.  Join us at the Mahogany Urban Poetry Series and support the soulful words of our poets.

 Follow Malikspeaks on Twitter and Facebook or find him at

First Wednesday of the month Mahogany Urban Poetry Series presents: The Jook Joynt which offers an amazing band duo and welcomes all emcees. The first Friday of the month also catch Inspirational Poetry Café to uplift your spirit.



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